If mobile banking wasn’t your top priority in 2012, it better be for 2013 Accounts.

Marketing veteran Drew McLelland said if mobile banking wasn’t your top priority in 2012, it better be for 2013. “This isn’t optional for financial institutions that want to be in business in 2020,” said McLelland. “It’s really that simple.”Branding consultant Sean McDonald agrees: “Mobile banking, remote deposit capture, and all of the technology associated with these things will continue to be the fastest-growing trend in our industry.” Excerpt taken from -http://thefinancialbrand.com/26967/retail-banking-trends-predictions-resolutions-2013/

Fortunately for HCB, we have been a few years ahead of the technological trend, as we have and continue to offer remote deposit capture, merchant services, and cash management services for our small business customers. In addition, HCB offers mobile banking from your smart phone. This gives you the ability to pay bills, transfer money and review transactions while on the go or from the comfort of your couch. Please call your local branch for information on how to set this up. Don’t let the fear of technology dissuade you from embracing this useful tool. We will hold your hand through the process. You will be surprised how easy it is to use.

Have you seen the commercials where a person takes a picture of their check and makes a deposit from their smart phone while at home or on the go? Well, In December 2012, Jerry Ernst, CEO of Horizon Community Bank, stated that check deposit via smart phone is arriving in short order for HCB’s clientele. This is exciting news to add to HCB’s arsenal of virtual banking customer-centric products. Watch for a soon-to-come announcement.

One may say, “Well, that’s great to make deposits but what if I need cash?” HCB is linked in with “Money Pass” which gives you access to 22,000 ATM’s nationwide, surcharge free! FREE? Yes, free of charge. Go to www.moneypass.com and find the closest free ATM near you, nationwide, 24 hours a day.

HCB makes it easy for you to transact your business in a busy, fast paced, virtual world. Come in or call your local branch to learn about how you can take advantage of all that HCB has to offer. HCB continues to stay ahead of the technology curve to provide you with state-of –the-art banking solutions.