Business Loans and Business Accounts

The Start of a new calendar year provides business owners and consumers hope that good fortunes will come their way. To help good fortunes to come, business owners need to review their existing business plans to help navigate their business to make sure they have the buying power and staying power needed to sustain their growth in 2013, and the years to come.

At Horizon Community Bank, we have a team of lending experts to help you with all of your lending needs. We have many different types of loans available to help your business succeed. If your business needs are such that you need help with purchasing additional inventory, we can tailor a working capital loan to help you. If you are looking to purchase a building for your business, we have a few different options that we can review with you, i.e. a commercial real estate loan, or possibly an SBA 504 loan to name a couple.

In addition to reviewing the lending needs of your business, you should also review your overall banking needs. As a business owner, you need a business account that provides flexibility that will help support the growth of your business.

Horizon Community Bank offers 2 very competitive business accounts, our ABC (Absolute Best Checking) Micro account and our ABC (Absolute Business Checking) Commercial Analysis Account. The volume of activity and your average account balance will determine which accounts will work best for your business. The ABC Commercial Analysis Account currently offers a monthly earnings credit that is 5 times higher than the national average. Both of these accounts offer all of the on-line services and business essential features including Cash Management that will help your business grow. In addition to these accounts we offer a full array of savings vehicles to help you with your business needs. You can have peace of mind knowing all of our accounts offer the safety of the FDIC Insurance coverage.

Horizon Community Bank’s mission is to serve the needs of small business owners in the Arizona markets in which we operate. We want to be your banking partner. To learn more about all of our products, give us a call today or stop by one of our branches. We here at Horizon Community Bank would like to wish you and your family a very happy and prosperous New Year!!